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ferebee taube and eleanor ylvisaker

Ferebee Taube

Co-founder Ferebee Taube worked as an independent brand consultant from 2007-2010. She brought expertise in lifestyle press strategy, marketing, event planning, celebrity/social outreach, and fashion show execution for clients including Vogue, Theory, Alexander Wang, Vena Cava, Elise Overland, Chloe, House of Lavande and retail store Edon Manor. With a focus on media strategy and outreach, her concentration was on helping emerging designers with early strategic planning and elevating their business to the next level. Prior to her consulting work, she was Director of VIP and Celebrity Relations at Harrison & Shriftman. And from 2002-2006 she worked in Calvin Klein's press office, handling celebrity services, styling, PR, and serving as the brand's social liaison.

Eleanor Ylvisaker

In 2004 Eleanor Ylvisaker co-founded Earnest Sewn. Over the next 5 years, Eleanor worked in the corporate headquarters, creating a successful wholesale business, selling product in over 500 stores worldwide, and establishing the company as one of the leading preeminent luxury denim brands. Overseeing global public relations, Eleanor developed strategic partnerships and collaborations with like-minded brands, which became the cornerstone of the brand's successful marketing campaign. In 2005 she helped open the label's first retail store, a concept shop in New York's historic Meatpacking District, and worked on the launch of their global e-commerce web site. Prior to founding Earnest Sewn she worked in-house in the fashion department at Harper Bazaar and Lucky magazine, and did freelance styling for major advertising campaigns as well as global publications.


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